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Mr.C. Basavaiah

Mr. Basavaiah has completed his DCM from Moscow and DMSM. He was working as the Managing Director of Karnataka State Compost Development Corporation (a State Government Undertaking) for over 2 decades. He was the pioneer in developing the first vermi composting model and made it a profitable and successful venture. Karnataka State Compost Development Corporation developed compost of the highest quality and has great demand even today. After his retirement as MD from Karnataka State Compost Development Corporation , he had been the advisor to BBMP on Solid Waste Management with a rich experience of handling and managing Bangalor's Municipal Solid Waste which would help in successfully operating the MSW Facility. At present, he is engaged as a Consultant MSW Management with IL&FS New Delhi, A2Z Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Organic Waste India Ltd. Etc.,

He was involved in the establishment of setting up Municipal Solid Waste Management facility through the production of compost based organic manure for the Urban Development Department, Gangtok. Consultancy services for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste for Gujarat Urban Development Corporation, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation. Project Consultancy in establishing scientific garbage processing plants for various Municipalities in Kolkota under Kolkota Metropolitan Development Authorithy, Varanasi & Haridwara.

Mr.Trushit Desai

Mr. Trushit Desai has been involved in the field of Environmental for the past 20 years. He has comprehensive experience and performed several research works related to environmental issues. He holds research publications and participated in numerous National Conferences.

He also has professional membership in International Panel on Chemical Pollution, Switzerland, National Conference on Sustainable Environment and International Congress of Environment Research. He has handled projects on Industrial waste, municipal solid and Hazardous waste incineration and pollution control system.

Dr.Muthiah Mariappan

Dr. Muthiah Mariappan has done his Ph.D Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Missouri, Rolla (USA) and was the former Member Secretary to Pollution Control Board in Tamil Nadu and advisor to the Government on all environmental issues such as Solid Waste Management, Water Pollution Control, Air Pollution Control etc., He was commended for his scientific and technological leadership by scientists and press of various countries such as UK, USA, India.

He has played a key role in drafting rules related to Municipal Solid Waste & Hazardous Waste Management by the Ministry of Environment (Government of India). He was also a special invitee to present a paper on Indian Legislation on Environment at Bologna, Italy. He was given the highest honor by Soka Gakkai International / Soka University for his outstanding contribution to higher education, service to community of the world for his wisdom & education in Environmental Engineering and Services.

Dr.P. Rajashekar

Dr. P. Rajashekar has many credits to his name wherein he formulated and implemented Solid Waste Management Scheme for Municipalities across Tamil Nadu by managing a team of Technical, Scientific and Administrative Personnel.

He has been instrumental in creating awareness by ways of lectures and presentations on Solid Waste Management, Organic Farming, Greenbelt development and environmental awareness.



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